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Powerline Marine is a privately owned company that has been in the business of servicing South Florida' s fishermen for over 35 years. Founded in July 17, 1982, Powerline Marine has been a part of many fishing tournaments, such as the Hispanic Police Officers Assistance Trust (HPOA), The Miami Billfish Tournament, The Coco Plum Tournament, and the Bob Lewis Kite Fishing Tournament among others. We have a wide assortment of fishing supplies, bait & tackle, marine electronics, accessories and hardware. We have both fresh and salt water bait. The proprietor, with his previous boat building background, (Powerline Boats 1970-1981) has a vast knowledge and experience in the industry, providing customers with guidance and support when it comes to boat building parts, accessories and tools.We also have experienced and knowledgeable personnel ready to provide you with prompt and professional service. Come by and visit. Let us help you maximize your fishing experience.





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